Even when assessing the most well-kept jewelry collection around, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have a broken necklace clasp or jewelry designs that have lost their luster sitting in the back corner of their box of wearable treasures.

D.J. Bitzan is here to remedy this dilemma! Voted the best jewelry store in Central MN for the last 5 years, D.J. Bitzan is the area’s go-to source for jewelry repair. Our on-location repair facility is staffed with three full-time goldsmiths who are dedicated to breathing new life into your worn and damaged jewelry. We guarantee jewelry restoration with superior precision and guardianship.

Many of our jewelry repair services offered here at D.J. Bitzan are covered under our industry leading warranty if you purchased your jewelry at our St. Cloud store. Required six-month inspections and proper care will protect your jewelry for a lifetime against various losses and damages.

Jewelry Maintainance

Clean & Checks

Clean and checks are typically completed in 1 to 3 hours depending on how many items you have and what needs to be done. Let your sales associate know what works best for your schedule. You do not need to make an appointment to drop off your clean and check items. Please reach out if you have any questions about this process. 

Jeweler Replacing Diamond in Engagement Ring

Jeweler Resizing Wedding Band
Glass Slipper Service for Your Fingers

Ring Resizing

There’s a reason that Cinderella’s perfectly fitting glass slipper is the stuff of fairy tales, let’s make that ring fit you like a glove.

Sizes vary quite dramatically when it comes to rings. Whether your own ring size has fluctuated, you’ve been given a ring that doesn’t quite fit, or you’ve decided to give an old ring a new home on a different finger than usual, we’ll resize that ring for you so you can start rocking it!

No More Rolling Stones

Lost or Loose Diamonds & Gemstones

At D.J. Bitzan, the only rolling stones we like to acquaint ourselves with come with a side serving of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Allow us to tighten the prongs around loose diamonds or gemstones in a safe and professional manner that will keep your precious jewels safe from scratching or damage. Has one of your favorite designs lost a diamond or gemstone through wear and tear or poor manufacturing? Have no fear! D.J. Bitzan believes that you CAN always get what you want. We stock only the highest quality diamonds and gemstones to restore your jewelry back to its former glory.

Jeweler Replacing Diamond in Engagement Ring

Close Up of Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
It’s Electric

Rhodium Dips

Ever wish that you could transform an older piece of jewelry into a gleaming new design worth bragging about, without spending a ton of money?

D.J. Bitzan can refresh your dull, worn jewelry without breaking the bank with our rhodium dipping process. Expert Goldsmiths will coat your metal surface with a very small amount of another metal and electric currents to do the rest. These currents bond the rhodium to your jewelry once submerged into the solution. Not only will your designs look brand new, but the rhodium plating extends the life of your jewelry by adding a thin, fresh protective layer!

Many manufacturers will utilize rhodium dipping with white gold jewelry to give the white gold a richer sparkle and brighter appearance. Sentimental and valuable designs can be renewed safely by this process as well.

Chain Reaction

Broken Clasps & Chains

Chances are, if you can conceive it, we’ve not just seen it but repaired it!

Chain and clasps are often the number one requested jewelry repair. Chains get caught, stepped on, snagged, pulled, their links open, they get tangled up with other chains…

D.J. Bitzan can solder a broken chain and replace a clasp in no time to have you strutting out of our doors with confidence in your fine jewelry repair.

Jeweler Repairing Gold Necklace Chain

Jeweler Polishing Gemstone Ring
Shine Bright

Jewelry Polishing

You may handle your jewelry with the delicacy deserved for Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, but eventually, your items will get scratched or dirty.

This is an inevitable downside of jewelry wear and tear. D.J. Bitzan will restore your designs’ eye-catching shine using jewelry cleaning and polishing techniques fit for the Queen’s crown.

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