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The DJ Bitzan Story:

D.J. Bitzan Jewelers is proud to serve as Central Minnesota's leading jeweler, bringing some of the world's most beautiful diamonds to the couples we serve. We promise each customer our legendary, 5-Star customer service, access to the largest selection of real diamonds in the area, new ring styles and customized settings that arrive daily, and an industry leading warranty. No wonder more brides walk down the aisle with a D.J. Bitzan diamond.

In the beginning…

Don Bitzan founded D.J. Bitzan Jewelers with a tight budget, a supportive wife, seven precocious kids, and a dream. It was Don's willingness to take a risk and his commitment to hard work that allowed him to open a jewelry store in the brand new Crossroads Mall on March 9, 1966. Don built the business on a foundation of integrity and trust, along with a commitment to serve his customers and the community. Those same values shape our Central Minnesota jewelry store today.

Central Minnesota Jewelry Store D.J. Bitzan's Original Location in 1966

D.J. Bitzan’s Original Jewelry Store, 1966.

A new chapter

A new chapter in D.J. Bitzan history began in 1977 when Don asked his son, Dick, a recent graduate from St. Cloud State University, to join him in the business. Initially, Dick was reluctant, but Don assured him that after "trying it out” for just one year, he would be hooked. Don was right.

Dick soon discovered that working in the Minnesota jewelry business gave him countless opportunities to serve his clients while experiencing the most important, magical, and cherished times of their lives. Dick's strong work ethic, his industry knowledge and commitment to excellence led him to form unique relationships with some of the world's most exclusive diamond cutters - elevating this "small” Minnesota jewelry store to a prestigious, regional, destination jeweler.

Dick Bitzan, CEO, Owner

A newer chapter

In 2009, Dick's daughter Erin, a graduate of the University of St. Thomas, joined the business. Erin's creativity and knowledge of fashion and design helped lead the store in exciting, new directions, especially in providing our Central Minnesota jewelry store access to new designer lines and the latest in custom design.

Don (D.J) Bitzan & Erin Bitzan

A new store

In 2010, D.J. Bitzan Jewelers left its original location to open a beautiful, custom-designed jewelry store just west of Crossroads Mall. With buying power and a keen eye for quality and beauty, we continue to offer our D.J. Bitzan Diamond shoppers the ability to purchase some of the world's most beautiful diamonds and engagement rings at a tremendous value.

DJ Bitzan Jewelers Building

D.J. Bitzan Jewelers, Today

Your D.J. Bitzan Experience:

From the moment you arrive at our Central Minnesota jewelry store, we open our door to welcome you into the D.J. Bitzan experience. Our store features a showroom with more than 800 diamond engagement rings, the latest in fashion jewelry and designer lines, luxury watches, and customized jewelry. But the cornerstone to the D.J. Bitzan experience is our staff. Our team of Certified Gemologists, Registered Jewelers, Goldsmiths, Appraisers and support staff is dedicated to serving YOU. We want the experience you have purchasing jewelry to be as exciting as the reason you’re celebrating! We want you to have fun. Enjoy a complimentary beverage and relax. Our team will guide you through this exciting experience with the expertise and patience you deserve. We listen to your needs, your budget, and your story - because you are the most important customer we have. We guarantee the craftsmanship of every engagement ring. We believe in this so much, we put it in writing with our Forever Free Warranty. Click here for more details.

Friendly Sales Assosiates

The D.J. Bitzan Promise:

  • We promise to be honest and forthright in all our dealings with every client, everyday.
  • We will conduct ourselves with respect and integrity.
  • We only sell real diamonds, not fracture-filled, drilled or synthetics.
  • While in our care, your jewelry will be treated with the utmost care and safety.
  • You will be satisfied: we will correct any aspect of your jewelry if you are not completely happy.
  • Our staff will have the tools and training to assist you in a complete and professional manner.
  • We want you as lifetime clients and we'll demonstrate this each time you call or visit us.
  • We will give you an unparalleled experience in fine jewelry shopping and service.
  • The designers we chose to associate business will adhere to international compliance laws of the Kimberley Process of 2003.

It is our pleasure to serve you at our Central Minnesota jewelry store as you celebrate the important occasions and milestones of your life.

Guaranteed Spectacular Service

How we buy diamonds:

Several times a year, diamond buyers from our Central Minnesota jewelry store travel to New York to meet with world-class diamond cutters. Our personal and professional relationships with the cutters ensure we get first pick of their best diamonds. Our cutters only show us their best diamonds, but after careful inspection, less than 1% are beautiful enough to be called a D.J. Bitzan Diamond. Our buying power and reputation give us a competitive edge and our savings are passed along to you. Rest assured, the diamonds we carry in our Central Minnesota jewelry store are REAL - never fracture filled, clarity enhanced, laser drilled or synthetic.

Community Investments:

The foundation for a successful community is the well-being of those who live there. We believe that in order to have a strong business, the quality of life of our community comes first. Every year, the D.J. Bitzan team gives time, talent and treasure to more than 200 charities. We serve in leadership roles and on the Board of Directors of many organizations including Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Minnesota, the Central Minnesota Community Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA, the CentraCare Health Foundation, Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity, the March of Dimes, United Way of Central Minnesota, and many more. We are a proud supporter of the arts in our community.

The D.J. Bitzan staff can be seen serving our local churches and schools, as well as meals at the Salvation Army. We support charitable causes that provide assistance to our military and veterans, community events, and to those in need.

If you would like us to consider a donation for a charity, please email your information to contactus@djbitzan.com.

Charities Supported by Central Minnesota Jeweler D.J. Bitzan

D.J. Bitzan Professional Associations and Memberships
  • A+ Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • American Gem Society for over 30 years, an elite jewelry trade organization dedicated to consumer protection.
  • Jewelers of America
  • St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce
  • St. Cloud Downtown Council
  • Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation
Central Minnesota Jeweler D.J. Bitzan's Affiliations

D.J. Bitzan's onsite repair facility is staffed with three full-time goldsmiths and is recognized as the premier Central Minnesota jewelry repair facility. Expertly trained on state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, our goldsmiths ensure your jewelry is repaired with top-quality precision and care. Our three-point inspection process guarantees your jewelry or watch meets our rigorous repair standards. We offer jewelry cleaning, jewelry restoration and jewelry repair as well as watch servicing for most brands.

Appraising jewelry is a complex process that must be performed by highly trained professionals who are experts in determining an accurate value for your fine jewelry and watches. Our appraisers are onsite, which helps ensure that your jewelry is evaluated by a team of local experts in a safe, private, secure environment. Appraisals are conducted while our store is locked and your jewelry is always stored in a secure location.

We offer insurance appraisals, which are necessary when adding your jewelry to your Homeowner's, Renter's or Jewelry policies. We also provide a fair market appraisal service for use in assessing the resale value of your jewelry.

Any item purchased at our store is eligible to receive an appraisal upon request at no charge. Your appraisal will include a full description of the item, grading of diamonds and gemstones where applicable, and a monetary value. The completed appraisal can be provided to you as a hard copy or via email, whichever meets your needs. If your item was purchased elsewhere, we are happy to provide you an estimate of charges to prepare a jewelry Appraisal. Volume discounts are available.

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