Central MN Custom Jewelry Designed For You By You

Voted Central MN’s leading jeweler for 5 years running, D.J. Bitzan is passionate about providing legendary 5-Star service that consistently exceeds our customers' expectations.

Collaborate with our expert team of Sales Associates, Registered Jewelers, Certified Gemologists, and Goldsmiths to create the custom jewelry designs of your dreams right here in St. Cloud. From unique engagement rings to updated heirlooms, we can turn your vision into reality with our wide variety of custom jewelry options!

Custom Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
A One of a Kind for Your One and Only:

Custom Engagement Rings

What better way to celebrate a love story that is uniquely yours than by creating an engagement ring with your own personal touch?

Bring together all of the style elements she loves and orchestrate a one of a kind custom engagement ring design for your one and only. Nothing beats the knowledge that your significant other sees you for who you are and wants the symbol of your eternal love to reflect you and you only.

You’ll Make the Promise, We’ll Make Its Ring:

Custom Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are the physical representation of the sacred promises of marriage.

Your wedding bands should be just as divine and relevant as your vows. We can create his and hers matching bands that meld your styles. For instance, does the groom prefer silver while the bride prefers gold? Design your preferred wedding band with tasteful streaks of one another’s favorite metal throughout the ring.

If you prefer not to match, collaborate with our team to create two distinctive and elegant custom wedding bands that suit your individual tastes. For the ladies, let’s design a wedding band with the perfect accent to your engagement ring - especially for those with unique designs. Anniversaries and vow renewals are also ideal milestones to upgrade your wedding bands with D.J. Bitzan!

Custom Two-Tone and Diamond Wedding Bands

Custom Diamond and Blue Topaz Halo Ring in White Gold
Gemstones & Milestones:

Custom Milestone Jewelry

Looking for a gift dripping in originality and meaning?

Create a memorable gift in celebration of a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or other milestone occasion. We’ll work with you to construct special pendants, earrings, right hand rings, or bracelets! Incorporate birthstones, gemstones or inscriptions that communicate just how much you treasure your loved one. Better yet, treat yourself to a custom jewelry design in commemoration of a career milestone or lifetime achievement. We’re proud of you, you’re proud of you, let’s design a custom jewelry piece to be proud of together!

Transform to Your Taste:

Customized Heirlooms

Turn their story into your story.

Heirlooms serve as reminders of our loved ones that have passed on and carry with them the history of where we came from. As valued as these pieces are, sometimes they are not quite our style. This often causes these treasures to be left unworn - which neither serves you nor the memory of your loved one!

Breathe life into the memory of those passed by using the metal, diamonds and gemstones of the original jewelry in order to create a custom design all your own!

Pearl and Cameo Necklaces
Custom Jewelry Redesign
Gold and Diamond Ring Before Custom Redesign at D.J. Bitzan

We had the pleasure of working with Patty, a long time customer, to redesign a ring she inherited from her mother. Though the ring held precious meaning for Patty as her father originally had it made for her mother, it was not something she would wear. Thus she wasn't getting the full enjoyment of the ring and the memories it held. So she turned to D.J. Bitzan to help her transform it into a design she'd love wearing.

We worked with Patty to first determine how the ring would be restyled. Initially, we considered earrings, a necklace or a bracelet, but ultimately recommended that the ring be reimagined in a new setting. Together we found Patty's perfect style: a vintage, Victorian inspired look. Once we found her favorite Victorian setting we got to work drawing up CAD images for her approval and finally, resetting the top of her existing ring in it's new home.

Custom Ring Redesign Process - CAD Design, Inspiration

The final verdict?

Patty told us, "It is more beautiful than I ever imagined. The history of this ring has been saved and I am so grateful for the guidance [D.J. Bitzan] gave to me. Thank you."

Custom Ring Redesign After Photo
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